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A list of my favorite yoga supplies, tools, band personal self care goodies.

Yoga Supplies
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Yoga Mats  

BalanceFrom GoYoga more affordable option with carrying strap 
Yoga Design Lab average price 
Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat  most expensive, but higher quality  

Yoga Blocks  

YOGU foam  block 
Manduka quality cork yoga block

Note from Lindsey: I own both of these

Yoga Strap  

 Clever Yoga Yoga Strap for Stretching  
Prosource Fit Metal D-Ring Yoga Strap 8’ 

Note from Lindsey: Both good quality, I own both just slightly different price 

Yoga Blanket  

 Mexican Yoga Blanket 

Note from Lindsey: This is one of the blankets I own. The slightly larger and heavier ones I own were purchased in bulk and I couldn't find them sold individually, but this one I have as well and enjoy.

Yoga Bolster  

 Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster larger 
Pranayama Cotton Yoga Bolster thinner for under knees or under head as we used in class 

Note from Lindsey: I also own both of these and use them for varying poses or support.

Meditation Cushion  

 Yoga Meditation Cushion

Note from Lindsey: The exact meditation cushion I own looks like it isn't available anymore but I wanted to share this with you because it's nice for sitting in practice, meditation or anytime you sit on the floor and feel back pain, it helps immensely!  


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Yoga & Meditation Books 

 Moving Inward
Living Your Yoga

 Yoga for teenagers 
(One of the first yoga books I owned as a teenager.) 

 Um, like Om  

Food/Hunger/Body Relationship 

Hunger, Hope & Healing a Yoga approach to reclaiming your relationship to your body and food    
Eat to Love 
What are you Hungry For?  


 The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing  

Connections & Friendships  

Tribe Called Bliss


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Planner that meets your Life Desires 

 The Desire Map Planner


Mala Necklaces | Crystals & Jewelry
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Mala Necklaces/ Crystals & Jewelry  

 Brenna does custom orders in St. Francis, MN e-mail at brennababe22@yahoo.com  
White Buffalo in Anoka, MN – Deb (763) 370-5501 


Oracle & Affirmation Cards 
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