Yoga & Meditation Teacher with a focus on Relaxation and Stress Relief

10 Step Stress Relief Guide

Move Forward with Grace & Resilience

  1. Identify  what is holding you back.

  2. Identify why it‘s holding you back.

  3. Is this out of your control? Why?

  4. Notice emotions that come up when you think of this problem.

  5. Ask your self why you feel these emotions are linked to this problem.

  6. Focus your thoughts on the things that you can control.

  7. Now take a moment to close your eyes, relax your mind, and take 10 long and deep breaths.

  8. When you’re finished, reexamine the issue. Notice how you feel.

  9. Repeat number 7 and 8 as many times as you need until you begin feeling space between you and what was previously holding you back.

  10. Pick a word or a phrase as your reminder of your strength and resilience. Write it down on a piece of paper you can take with you to look at or repeat whenever you need it. (Some examples are “I am Strong,” “I will persevere,” or “Everything will workout.”)