What the Relaxation Yoga Students are Saying


I had a yoga/meditation session with Lindsey. It was a sunny, breezy day with birds singing. We were in the shade of a quiet garden with birds singing and a deer even wandered by. She had calming music playing and used a yoga bell to start and end the session. My back had been aching from yard work and she did some poses that help stretch the muscles in my back. It felt so good. She gave tips as we worked, about breathing and relaxing. The meditation and guided imagery was so relaxing and felt real. This would be a good session to do on a regular basis, our busy lives need a rejuvenation time.

Jackie H. - Minnesota

Really enjoyed the class. It was super relaxing and much needed. Loved your tone and the pace. You’re a great teacher. You’re soothing.

Relaxed Yogi

As someone who has never attempted yoga before, I was a bit nervous to try it out. However, Lindsey quickly put me at ease and created a safe space where I was free to just be. She led me through each exercise with confidence and grace and did a phenomenal guided meditation as well. Afterwards, I felt refreshed & relaxed, I would highly recommend her services to anyone and everyone!

Annabelle A. - Minnesota

I loved the theme especially bringing in silence and space. The way you led us through really was perfect and your presence was calm and peaceful! Lovely. AMAZING savasana, pranayama & meditation. Your timing was so, so, so great so we had enough time! Thank you!

Relaxed Yogi

A virtual yoga & meditation session was the best of all worlds - the structure of a class, the individual attention from Lindsey for my needs and the flexibility of a home based session. Just the solution for a busy entrepreneur and mom of 2. Lindsey's relaxing and restorative style of yoga left me feeling completely centered in my body. I left my session feeling both relaxed and energized at the same time. The slow rhythm of the yoga session helped me connect fully to my body in the present moment. The perfect way to start my day. Lindsey's calming and grounded presence really came through in her guided meditation. It was one of the most focused meditation sessions I've had for a long time.

Laura J. - UK

Beautiful restorative practice. Nicest savasana I’ve had since Chanti’s class. Lovely guiding the 61 points. Your voice is peaceful and serene. You hold space and presence really well. I left your class feeling calm, centered, nourished and relaxed. I hope you continue to teach in your style & your voice. Thank you for the beautiful gift of your class.

Relaxed Yogi

Loved that you gave us so much silent space to see what came up in the pauses. I enjoyed the amount of time you gave for “legs up the wall” that was very nice for relaxation. Loved the restorative fish pose and the savasana time!

Relaxed Yogi

I did your meditation on fb I was so at peace that I fell asleep I have insomnia so that was helpful thank you. I have insomnia, I use to take Ambien sleeping pill but I got addicted to them so maybe yoga and mediation is the key now I’m glad I met you, you are a good teacher. Thank you.

Lindsay H. - Minnesota

Your voice was very calming. You did a great job of cultivating a restorative class. I was very calm and rested at the end of your class. Great job!

Relaxed Yogi