Frequently Asked Questions


+ What if I’m new to yoga?

I’ve worked with many students who have been new to yoga and meditation. Every journey starts with the first step and my classes are very gentle and accessible to all levels, so this is a perfect place for you to start exploring and experimenting with your body to see what does and doesn’t work for you.

+ Can I do yoga while pregnant?

Always consult your physician before starting any new physical activity or exercise. My classes are absolutely accessible to anyone who may be pregnant and the number one thing I’ll always say is listen to your body and do what feels good for you in each new moment. What I do suggest avoiding in any practice is inversions while either pregnant or on our periods. This is where our legs and hips go up in the air and above our hearts. If we approach this pose in class, you can simply keep your hips on the ground and lift only your legs up in the air or against the wall.

+ Will this help me lose weight?

Yoga is a wonderful way to tone our bodies and increase flexibility, however the sole purpose of this studio is not fat burning or muscle building. My classes and teachings actually pair very well with a more intense program of HIIT, weights, or cardio training. The stretches and breathing can improve your performance in your other, more intense exercises.

+ What if I have injuries or limitations?

Always consult your physician before starting any new physical activity or exercise. You can also reach out to me in the group with any questions regarding any injuries or concerns you may have before starting any of the classes. Most of my classes however, focus far more on moving inward and bringing more peace into our lives than doing advanced asana (poses). The number one thing I’ll always say is listen to your body and do what feels good for you in each new moment.

+ Can I eat before yoga?

I would recommend if you want to eat prior to practicing, to eat a light meal and allow at least a thirty minute break between eating and starting your practice. The same goes for after practice, I would recommend waiting a few minutes when you finish your asana (poses) before eating anything and keeping it light. This, of course, will be your call since you know your body better than anyone.

+ What do I wear?

Any outfit that is comfortable for you is recommended. This might be yoga pants, sweatpants and a top you feel comfortable in, or any other outfit you know will feel good for you.

+ How often should I practice?

This is completely up to you because you know your schedule, body, and goals better than anyone else. What I would recommend is starting with a realistic goal and allow your practice to grow naturally overtime so you don’t end up burnt out or overwhelmed. If you’ve never practiced or rarely practice, you might start with once a week and overtime work to twice a week then three times a week and eventually you may practice daily or even twice a day. Give yourself the time and space to listen to your mind and body and feel into what works for you and feels right. (This can also change during different seasons of our lives.)

+ Should I listen to music while I practice?

Music during our yoga asana (poses) or meditation can either be a tool or a distraction. I share all of my videos without music so you can decide for yourself what works best for you. Be honest with yourself. Does the music you choose to listen to deepen your relaxation and practice or does it distract you from going deeper into your inner space? Only you will know the answer to this (and this can change from practice to practice).

+ What equipment do I need?

For the yoga classes, you can start with a mat or a rug to practice on. Other props that can help enhance our practices include yoga straps, blocks, blankets, and bolsters. (Side note - pillows or regular rolled up blankets can replace bolsters, books can replace blocks, scarves or belts can replace straps, and any blankets can be used for final savasana.) You can find all recommended equipment and other resources I use and recommend here [link]. (I have no affiliation with any of these companies, but am asked often, so I’ve gathered a list for your convenience.)

+ What if I'm already part of a yoga studio or gym?

That's great! They pair perfectly with what I teach and help create a well rounded, healthy lifestyle. Some of my students have enjoyed pairing more intense workouts with my classes. Sometimes to fully rest and relax, it can feel good to first do a fast yoga class or strength training to "shake out" some of your tension before sinking into blissful relaxation!

+ What are your classes like?

This is a great question, because there are many styles of yoga and yoga teachers available today. My classes are designed to help you slow down and train your mind and body to rest so you can sleep better. When you get higher quality sleep, you have more energy when you wake up in the morning. With more energy, we tend to make better choices. When we start to take control of the choices we make, we start to live our lives the way we want to. How we do this is by approaching class with a slower pace. There's no rush to get from pose to pose and it's much more important to maintain integrity (breath) in each pose than it is how you look, or which pose you're in. We take our time in the poses, allowing the body to relax, feel safe, and breathe deeply. Sometimes we get up and do sun salutations and balancing poses and other times we stay closer to the mat and ground ourselves, sinking into deep relaxation from pose to pose. That takes us to many of my students' favorite part! The nice, long savasana (also called corpse pose). This is simply laying on your back or your side. I can help you find the right savasana for you inside my online Relaxation Studio. Slowing down on our mats together is what teaches our minds and bodies to rest. It's the body's way to prepare for deep sleep when it is time to go to bed. Many people think sleep and rest are the same thing (I did for years! Rest? I totally rest for 5 hours every night!). I teach you how to see the difference.

+ How long have you been practicing and teaching yoga?

I started practicing yoga & meditation around the year 2001 at a very young age. No one I knew practiced, but I was in dance, so I was already doing things like Pilates and stretching. I was gifted a beautiful yoga textbook and instantly fell in love. I struggled from insomnia, so I would spend 2 to 4 hours (sometimes more!) every night, studying and devouring the poses and practice. I loved how it made me feel and how much energy it gave me. In 2011, I moved to Minneapolis and started hosting and teaching free yoga & meditation classes by Minnehaha Falls every Saturday morning at 6 am. My practice stayed with me throughout the years and I studied and received my yoga teacher training certificate at Devanadi. I started teaching again with my own business over the summer of 2018, both classes and private students. My primary focus for my students has been to help them connect with their own inner wisdom, create a self-care practice and learn to allow their bodies and minds to relax so they can get more out of life and really enjoy every moment.

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