“Saving Big Island dogs, one dog at a time…”

- Daylynn Kyles -

The goal at Aloha Ilio is to reduce the rates of euthanasia and overpopulation of sad, neglected, and homeless dogs on the Big Island. They focus their efforts on making a meaningful impact on the stray and abandoned dogs. They save hundreds and hundreds of dogs each and every year and only hope to continue to grow the impact they make. 

I’ve seen first hand when living on the Big Island of Hawaii how Daylynn goes above and beyond and puts the dogs in need above all else. Together, we can help educate and house abandoned dogs by providing food, vaccines, and comfort. 

Learn more, adopt a dog from Hawaii or read up on tips to keep your furry friend safe at https://www.alohailiorescue.com/

Aloha Ilio